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What is more beautiful than bright white teeth? The general opinion in Toronto is not many things. Men and women agree here that a bright smile easily translates into more confidence, a healthier look, and being more able to be social without any hang-ups.  Think about it for a minute. Having sparkling white teeth can make going on a date, showing up at a special event or sitting down for an important job giving interview, all go much easier. How we feel about ourselves definitely has an impact on how we interact with those around us.

There are more than a few benefits of having white teeth.

First, there is that great smile that turns heads. Second, clean teeth send the message to those around you that you care enough to pay attention to life’s details.  The benefits of white teeth even extend into our relationships. They will make you more attractive. And a healthy smile is one of the best first impressions.  In the Toronto GTA, the quickest, safest, most effective, and affordable way to have amazing looking white teeth is to visit one of Advanced White’s teeth whitening clinics in Richmond Hill, Toronto, Mississauga, and Markham.

What is LED Laser Teeth Whitening?

This is a common procedure to remove the yellow and any stains from teeth using a combination of hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and LED blue light technology.  Most people would agree other teeth whitening methods do not compare.

Toronto Laser Teeth Whitening or DIY Teeth Whitening at Home

While many have the best intentions when trying to whiten their teeth at home, the facts are the results do not compare to professional Toronto teeth whitening. The money saved does not balance out with the lack of results. And the inconvenience factor is high.

On the other hand, Advanced White Teeth Whitening procedures at our clinic tend to exceed patient expectations. Having a professional handling the procedure, plus the use of the laser technology is a true winning combination. All while staying affordable, pain-free, and fast.

Who Offers the Best White Teeth Clinic

That is easy. Our Advanced White Teeth clinic does. Our teeth whitening clinic was voted by Toronto Star Readers as being best of class, and we are officially a winner in the Toronto Stars 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards!  We have gotten hundreds of 5-star reviews over the years.  With the latest teeth whitening process, together with LED Blue Light Technology, comfortable setting and relaxed environment, and affordable pricing, it makes us popular in the teeth whitening industry. Plus, our procedures are all done by an experienced, skilled, caring technicians.

During our one-hour treatment, we will do four separate 10-minute sessions. Each session will get your teeth progressively whitener. Advanced White uses a variety of proven non-invasive treatments for optimum results.

Here are some of the things you can expect when having us handle the teeth whitening procedure.

  • Painless and fast.
  • Just one hour to a brighter, sparkling smile.
  • Coffee and beverage stains are gone.
  • Enhanced confidence.
  • Affordably priced.

Our current in-clinic treatment special price of just $179 makes coming to our clinic for teeth whitening a no brainer.  Please visit to book today.

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