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What are the causes of alopecia and what are the available hair loss treatments out there to help?  There are few things as attractive as healthy hair. In fact, balding or thinning hair can have a huge impact hurting a person’s self-confidence and hurting them socially. Old school methods to try to work around this like toupees and wigs. Most look bad, are uncomfortable, and have little appeal. Fortunately, there has been major breakthroughs in hair loss therapies that produce results.

In Toronto, there’s finally non-surgical advances in dealing with hair loss that deliver and do not disappoint. One favorite Hair Regeneration Treatment using Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Conditioned Medium called AAPE. This haircare serum is a non-invasive treatment used in a clinical setting. AAPE hair loss therapy is safe, effective, and quite affordable.

Causes of Alopecia

Testosterone metabolites causes androgenetic alopecia or, more commonly known as male and female pattern hair loss. This impacts both men and women causing their hair loss. Other reasons for hair loss include thyroid disease, low protein diets, age, anxiety, chemotherapy, and a wide range of possible diet deficiencies.

The Ins and Outs of Genetic Hair Loss

With genetic balding, or androgenetic hair loss, it is especially common with males, often kicking in at puberty. Most people know this as male pattern hair loss. Treatments to fight this can include a DHT blocker like finasteride, good nutrition, coupled with a proven hair loss therapy like AAPE stem cell therapy.

Causes of Alopecia – Stress

Short burst of high stress or high stress levels stretched out over a long period of times can boost androgen levels, with the side effect being hair loss. Lifestyle changes can help. Along with things like yoga, meditation, running, or other forms of exercise and relaxation techniques.

Losing Weight Too Fast and Hair Loss

Unhealthy yoyo dieting and fast weight loss are frequent causes of hair loss issues as a person’s body responds in shock. The solution is to follow legitimate diet and exercise programs that are both healthy, long term, and safe.

Ageing and Hair Loss

The hormonal changes that can come with age often causes hair loss especially among women as a side effect of menopause. Some specially supplements may be able to help, along with more advanced professional treatments.

Keep an Eye Out for Hair Loss

The sooner hair loss can be identified and diagnosed by a professional, the better treatment can commence. Sometimes figuring out what the hair loss trigger can take a while, so getting ahead of it can help your hair health greatly. Seeing a Trichologist is recommended.

Tackling Hair Loss

Once the causes of alopecia is identified, treating it becomes much easier.

The right supplements, hair loss therapies such as AAPE stem cell therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy or PRP treatment can all be effective. PRP has the downside of being done in an injection process that few people find pleasant. PRP therapy has mixed results. A review stated more evidence was needed to determine PRP’s effectiveness for hair regrowth. Even more promising, generally, is the Advanced Adipose-derived cell Protein Extracts (AAPE) hair care serum which has the benefit of being both safe and non-invasive, while being extremely effective in revitalizing hair. If you are interested in AAPE stem cell therapy, we have two hair loss clinics in Toronto and Richmond Hill. Our registered Trichologist is available to help you decide which treatment is best for your hair loss condition.

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