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As the demand for whiter, brighter smiles has grown here in the Greater Toronto Area, so has the demand for professional teeth whitening in clinic settings. This is only natural since it is widely known that coming to a teeth whitening clinic, like our Advanced White Clinic, delivers the fastest and best results.

Wanting a whiter smile that stretches across most households, USA Today recently illustrated this when readers were asked, “Which makeover procedure would you opt for first?” And the leading answer was “Cosmetic dentistry” at close to 40%. So, the interest in teeth whitening and what methods work the best is high and rising.

Here is some things to keep in mind before you schedule a free Laser Teeth Whitening consultation or even decide where you are going to go for the procedure. This information can make your choices quick and easy and help make sure you are satisfied in the end.

Do Your Teeth Need to be Whitened?

If you can notice your teeth being darker or more yellow, or spots begin to appear the answer is a strong yes. Once you start noticing stains on your teeth other people likely are too. This is common and does not necessarily have to do with your oral hygiene. Common foods like coffee, tea, cola, red wine, and vegetables, plus habits like smoking stain teeth no matter how much you brush. It is a part of life.

Aging is something else that cannot be escaped. And as you age the thinner your enamel gets and the more yellow most people’s teeth will look.

How to Select the Best Laser Teeth Whitening Clinic in Toronto

There are different teeth whitening options and they should all be understood, so you don’t have any regrets. Like in most things, knowledge is power.

In Clinic Teeth Whitening

In-clinic teeth whitening uses a bleaching gel which gets applied over your teeth. It sits on your teeth for around 10 minutes per session while being exposed to LED blue light, for good effect. This is repeated four times.

Our teeth whitening technicians are happy to keep a close eye and be sure that sensitivity and effectiveness of the procedure are both kept in mind. The goal is a pain free patient, who is proud of the new sparkling look of their teeth.

The #1 Option: LED Laser Teeth Whitening

LED Laser teeth whitening is performed by trained technician in our own clinics here in the Toronto GTA. The method has the technician apply hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. And then a laser LED light is used to maximize the effects of the bleaching agent. Expect fast and very noticeable changes. It is rare to find someone disappointed.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Our clinic prides itself on our competitive prices and in offering services in different price ranges so that an option is open for nearly anyone. We also have a price match guarantee. Our goal is for teeth whitening with our team to be as affordable as possible.  Our current special is $159 for a full one-hour teeth whitening treatment.  Plus once you become a past client, you get future teeth whitening treatments at only $99.

Make an In Clinic Teeth Whitening Appointment Now

A brighter smile is right around the corner in one of our in clinic teeth whitening locations. Contact us today for more details.  Available teeth whitening clinics in Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Markham.


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