Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss?

does hard water cause hair loss Toronto

Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss?

Have you ever wondered why you are still losing hair despite cleaning up your diet, taking supplements, and staying stress-free? If this sounds true, you may be missing something important: the quality of your water. If there’s poor quality water being used for shampooing, showering, and otherwise washing your hair this can have a significant bad influence on your hair health.

Let us take a look at types of water and the impact it could have on your hair. We will also look at some natural treatments that can help. And in the end go over what we offer at our Toronto Hair Loss Clinic that can be a game changer.

Hard Water

Does hard water cause hair loss?  Hard water is water sourced from the ground, due to its unavailability elsewhere. It has minerals like calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not recommended for washing your hair or bathing in. If you use hard water despite the warnings, over time you may get damaged hair and loss of hair.

Chlorinated Water

For a very long-time chlorine has been the top chemical added to local water non-drinking water to remove pollutants. You can expect most swimming pools to also be chlorinated. And, unfortunately, this water can be quite harsh on hair and can result in hair loss.

Water From Rain

In theory rainwater should be the purest form of water and perfect for washing your hair. Pollution has wrecked this. Pollution has made rainwater acidic and toxic in many places, all of which makes your hair much more fragile.

Salt Water

The beach is one of many of our favorite places. But loving the salt water and fun, doesn’t mean that the saltwater loves your hair. Salt water is harsh on your hair and can add or even trigger hair loss. The good news is throwing on a swimming cap is a quick, easy, and effective solution.

Fighting Back: 5 Natural Tips for Hair Growth

When we suspect water has been causing hair loss, it opens the door for some natural solutions. All these options can easily be found in most markets:


Gooseberry delivers a high dose of antioxidants and Vitamin C, both of which can fight baldness and hair loss. It is easy to use too. Mix gooseberry juice with a little lime juice and water, then apply to your scalp. Let it sit in your hair for 30 minutes and then wash. 

Onion Juice

Onion juice has a dramatic effect in boosting blood flow when applied to the scalp. This can reinvigorate hair follicles and inspire new hair growth. Just be sure to really wash out the smell or you may attract the wrong kind of attention.

Coconut Oil

There is a good reason why coconut oil is constantly talked about by insiders. And why it is popular across most of Asia as a hair treatment, it works. Put it in your hair overnight and see its power first-hand.

Toronto Solutions for Hair Loss

Does hair water cause hair loss? Unfortunately Yes.  Water can be hard on hair, as we have seen. Fortunately, this kind of hair loss is reversible if you take smart action to both avoid the problematic water, and to start treatments to grow hair back.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP is available in Toronto. It works by centrifuging a small quantity of your own blood and then injecting it into your scalp. This isn’t an ideal option for most people.

Our most popular hair loss solution is what we offer here at our Hair Loss Clinic,  Advanced Adipose-derived cell Protein Extracts or AAPE Stem Cell Therapy. AAPE widely used in Asia specifically Korea and Japan.  It is gaining popularity in North America as people see the benefits of using it.  AAPE is safe, effective, quick, and affordable. Contact us for a free online consultation at

does hard water cause hair loss Toronto

Does Hard Water Cause Hair Loss Toronto ON


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