e cigarette to help quit smoking

e cigarette to help quit smoking Toronto

e cigarette to help quit smoking

Is it possible for e cigarette to help quit smoking?  Creative marketing and a sense of something new has left the impression that e-cigarettes are a workable alternative to smoking. We are here to help make you aware this is faulty logic that also leads to nicotine addiction and the strong chance of health issues if the habit is maintained.  While vaping was intended when created by a Chinese scientist to help people stop smoking, the end result has been much less impressive.

Now “vaping” attracts smokers and non-smokers alike. Their lower cost, thousands of flavors, and cleaner aesthetic have made the trend appealing to even high school students. The lack of warnings associated with them about lung cancer only seems to add to the problem.  But are E-cigarettes truly harmless? The nicotine is there certainly. And what about the rest of the vape fluid’s ingredients?  Let us take a look.

e cigarette to help quit smoking 101

The latest research, which has only really just begun, seems to point to e-cigarettes as being less of a risk comparatively, than old-school tobacco smoking when it comes to lung cancer and throat cancer, plus some other smoking related dangers. But less risk is much different than no risk.

And this safety factor is still quite uncertain. In fact, the USFDA warns for these and other reasons, that e-cigarettes should not be turned to when trying to stop smoking.

Do not Forget There’s Nicotine Present

While it may be a mystery of what other chemicals are present when vaping, it is certain that nicotine is a big component. And nicotine IS highly addictive. It is also clear that vaping is acting as a gateway to tobacco smoking, which is the opposite of the inventor of e-cigarettes intent. But that is the facts on the ground.

What About E Smoking and Cancer?

So far there has not been any solid connection made between smoking e-cigarettes and cancer. If some does exist it is pretty clear it is much less than the cancer danger that normal smoking presents.

But other health concerns could be beginning to appear. Diacetyl is used to flavor many e-cigarettes. This chemical is known to be the cause of ‘popcorn lung’, something named after its discovery among workers in popcorn factories.

Popcorn lung damages and scars the lungs, shortens breath, and causes constant coughing. This is no minor condition and can lead to the need for lung replacement surgery. Many believe this danger should be made much clearer by e-cigarette brands and manufacturers.

e cigarette to help quit smoking conclusion

There is no compelling evidence that vaping is completely safe. And it is certainly a habit-forming practice that leads to nicotine addiction.  For those who aim to quit smoking, vaping is not a real solution.  Anne Penman Laser Therapy – Toronto Laser Stop Smoking Treatments.  Our Laser therapy helps smokers quit by helping endorphins be released by targeting acupuncture points in the hands, wrists, and ears. The process is safe and painless. When a smoker stops smoking, their endorphin level drops creating a feeling of unease.

The laser helps boost and balance these endorphin levels making the physical side of the quitting process easier.  That said, the other challenge for smokers is the mental side of quitting, the triggers, and habits. So, during the one hour we are together, the laser therapist will do counselling on how to deal with these triggers and habits.  And finally, you are not quitting alone, our 24-hr support line is there to help if you need additional support.

The number of people who have used laser therapy to quit smoking is rising and has become a very popular method for smoking cessation.

Contact us to book your one-hour treatment today.  https://annepenman.ca

e cigarette to help quit smoking Toronto

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