Elite iQ Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal Toronto

One of the most inconvenient things to deal with is unwanted hair growth in certain places of the face and body. If you want your skin to be smooth and silky, you must get rid of your undesirable hair. While shaving and waxing can help, they are only temporary solutions. If you want a painless and long-term solution to your unwanted hair, you can consider the laser hair removal treatment.

A focused light beam (laser) is used in this hair removal procedure.
The pigment (melanin) in the hair absorbs the laser light that is emitted during laser hair removal. The light energy is transformed into heat, which harms the skin’s hair-producing follicles, which are tube-shaped sacs. Future hair development is inhibited or delayed by this.

Benefits of Laser Hair removal

• Lasers can carefully target dark, coarse hairs while causing no harm to the surrounding skin.

• After an average of two to seven sessions, most patients have their desired permanent hair loss.

• Several hairs can be treated simultaneously with each laser pulse, which lasts just a fraction of a second. Every second, the laser can treat an area roughly the size of a quarter. Large areas, like the back or legs, could take up to an hour to treat, while small parts, like the upper lip, can be treated in less than a minute.

Laser Hair Removal with Cynosure Elite iQ

The Cynosure Elite iQ laser machine is one of the most advanced on the market. The two light wavelengths employed are Alexandrite and ND: YAG. This laser is thus appropriate for removing a wide range of hair types.

Although most individuals are aware of laser hair removal cosmetic treatments, many are unsure of what these lasers do and what other diseases they can help address. Elite iQ is not just a laser hair removal treatment, but it is also a good option for removing unsightly pigmented lesions that may develop into skin cancer.

What can the Elite iQ laser treat?

The primary treatment the Elite iQ laser provides is laser hair removal. Even though unwanted hair isn’t dangerous, it can be embarrassing, and for many people, having dark or visible hair in conspicuous places can be detrimental to their social life and self-esteem. In many places, including the face, neck, arms, armpits, back, nipples, stomach, and legs, there is excessive hair growth. While some people have light, fine hair with patches of course, more apparent hair in specific spots, others have darker, thicker body hair (also known as vellus hair).
Genetics, hormones, medicines, pregnancy, menopause, age, and several other variables can all contribute to unwanted body hair.

Additionally, because it takes time, effort, and money to shave or wax, some people who prefer smooth legs, armpits, or bikini lines get tired of it. All of these situations are ideal for laser hair removal. Therefore, dermatologists around the world endorse the Elite iQ.

Benefits of the Elite iQ Laser Treatment

• Permanent hair reduction
• Reduces ingrown hairs effectively
• It is safe for all skin types
• Less painful treatment
• Less treatment time than other treatments
• Best laser in the industry for hair removal

Are there any side effects after treatment with the Elite iQ laser?

If there are any side effects, they are minor and only endure for a short period of time when using the Elite iQ lasers. Some consumers may experience temporary redness or discomfort in the treated areas. Your skin may feel uncomfortable and tingling. After a few hours of treatment, any irritation or reaction should go gone. We’ve also noticed that crusting around the surgical site happens in certain people. This is readily corrected by immediately using a moisturizer.

For more information about the new Elite iQ laser for laser hair removal, please visit: https://laserskin.ca/laser-hair-removal/ or call 647-560-9233.