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When a person realizes they are losing hair, panic is common. Unfortunately, this can make hair loss worst. We have a better idea. Consider the proven methods of hair loss treatment, and when you discover what is most important pursue it without hesitation. This can save you time, money, and maximize your benefits from whichever hair loss remedies here in Toronto you choose.

Let us look at what hair loss remedies are available:

Old School Traditional Hair Loss Remedies

Some of the alopecia treatments used to stop hair loss and regrow new hair have been used for over a hundred years. Special oils and extracts lead in this category. And there is some research that these efforts could produce results, like a study that recently shown rosemary extract sped up hair regrowth in rats. Other oils used include olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil, hibiscus oil and onion juice oil. Green tea is often also recommended for its high-level of antioxidants.

OTC and Prescription Drugs

Minoxidil: Probably one of the most popular hair loss remedies. Although originally developed for other purposes, doctors soon learned how effective Minoxidil can be in cause hair regrowth. It is applied in a gel or foam and can take up to a full year before showing significant results.

Finasteride: Is another prescription option to fight hair loss. It is a DHT blocker and has the benefit of only requiring a daily pill, in most people’s treatment plans.

Do not forget medications should only be taken under a doctor’s care and some side effects from these drugs are common.

Hair Transplants

In the last few years Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplantation technique that has become quite in-demand. It involves harvesting the hair-rich skin from those areas of the scalp that are rich in hair follicles and transplanting them to bald areas of the head. Results are often fast. But these treatments are also expensive and quite painful.

Laser Hair Loss Remedies

LLLT Laser therapy as a hair loss treatment has generated a lot of interest in recent years. People are intrigued with the latest technology, the Theradome helmet. Plus, the hair loss treatments being quick and painless has broad appeal for both men and women.

Hair Loss Remedies: The Most Recent Options

Among the newest techniques are Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) and Advanced Adipose-derived Cell Protein Extracts (AAPE) which can help treat alopecia. In PRP, your scalp is injected with your own blood that has been specially treated. This is considered painful by most people. Alternatively, AAPE Stem Cell Therapy, is both effective as a hair loss treatments, safe, easy, non-invasive, and painless. AAPE does not require any blood to be taken from you like PRP. Also AAPE requires NO injections.

We are quite pleased to offer AAPE to our valued Toronto hair loss patients. We can quickly determine if your hair loss pattern makes you a good candidate for AAPE treatment. Why not book a free online assessment today? It is time to make thin hair and balding a thing of the past. Looking for effective hair loss remedies?  Please fill out our FREE online hair loss assessment for here:

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