How to Get White Teeth –


How to Get White Teeth –

A white smile projects confidence, health, and wellness, and is one of the keys to making a great impression. It also cultivates confidence and pride, two areas where discolored teeth can definitely have a negative impact.

Since these truths are not hard to figure out, the demand to have teeth whitened is high. The only thing that holds many back is worrying about how much the treatments may cost and if there is any pain associated with it. The truth is there are several types of teeth whitening, that deliver somewhat different results, and they are all priced differently.

Fortunately, with the right guidance and a few smart decisions here in Toronto you can likely easily get your teeth whitened professionally at a price that makes you smile, and no pain issues.

How Did I End Up with Yellow Teeth?

There are many common causes for teeth discoloration that touch on something from nearly everyone’s lifestyle. Highlights include dark pigmented foods, many beverages, smoking, age, and even environmental factors. All these things break down enamel as well, a process which also makes teeth look more yellow.

Now please do not forget brushing and flossing your teeth, but it won’t reverse the discoloration. Professional teeth whitening is the route to take if you want to have a sparkling smile again.

How to Get White Teeth – Best Options

The great news is the days of teeth whitening methods that were painful or too harsh are long gone. If you are going to a respected professional place like Advanced Teeth Whitening Clinic, you can count on the process being quick, effective, that causes little to no discomfort, and very affordable.

The biggest jump in teeth whitening tech, and the safest and most gentle option is laser LED teeth whitening. It also delivers the best results.

We use the latest in LED blue light technology that you do not have to worry about harming your teeth, skin, or gums. The blue light activates the whitening agent that is placed on your teeth and the results are remarkable, safe, and extremely affordable. A total win.

Advanced White – Toronto LED Teeth Whitening

In many places you will pay significantly more to have your teeth whitened than here at our Toronto GTA clinics. We use the maximum allowable whitening agent, and we still charge hundreds less than the norm elsewhere. It is a way to encourage new customers to explore what we are offering here.

How Much Time Does Teeth Whitening Take?

Of the different professional teeth whitening options available there is no doubt that laser teeth whitening is the quickest choice by a significant margin. While it may use similar whitening ingredients used in whitening strips, pens, and other products, the addition of our higher hydrogen peroxide level plus the laser transforms the process, making it much more effective.

We recommend patients come for our 1-hour in-clinic treatment. If you weigh in time and price, this even makes laser teeth whitening an even more attractive option.

How to Get White Teeth – How Much Does Maintenance Cost?

Teeth whitening in Toronto (or anywhere else) does not last forever. None of the options deliver permanent results. Laser teeth whitening does, however, last the longest period of time. You can leave the special toothpastes and dental touch ups behind, which will certainly save you money. You simply do not have to worry maintenance costs.  Our $129 special for past clients make it even more affordable to come back when you need it again.

Are there Any Side Effects?

When you use our Advanced White laser teeth whitening services here in the Toronto GTA you can count on there being no side effects. It is a very safe process and no side effects to worry about.

How to Get White Teeth –  How Long to Recover?

There is no need for recovery time from our laser teeth whitening, apart from not eating for one hour after treatment and avoiding dark pigmented foods and acidic drinks for 24 hours.

So why not schedule your Toronto laser teeth whitening procedure today? Looking your best could be right around the corner.  Please visit  Clinic locations in Richmond Hill, Toronto, Mississauga, and Markham.

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