Laser Tattoo Removal Toronto

Laser Tattoo Removal Toronto

Lasers are most frequently used to remove tattoos because they can reduce the size of the tattoo’s ink particles. Dermal macrophages are immune system cells tasked with gathering and breaking down cellular waste. Macrophages gather ink pigments in the case of tattoo pigments but find it difficult to degrade them. They keep the ink pigments instead. When a macrophage is injured, it releases the ink that has been holding it hostage, and other macrophages take it up. This can make tattoo removal very challenging. Treatments that reduce ink particle size make it easier for macrophages to remove them.

Most professionals believe that laser tattoo removal is the most efficient and affordable method available. A tattoo is frequently not entirely removed by lasers. Instead, they considerably fade it or lighten it to make it less obvious.  Most tattoos are now erased using either a Q-switched laser or a Picosecond laser, which emits energy in a single powerful pulse. This electromagnetic burst warms the ink in your skin and causes it to fade. To get rid of your tattoo, you’ll need to undergo numerous laser treatments spaced out over a few weeks or longer. In contrast to newer or more complicated tattoos, older or simpler tattoos will require fewer sessions.

People who have tattoos that they would like to get rid of should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of laser tattoo removal to come to the best conclusion possible.

How long does the laser hair removal procedure take?

It usually takes a minimum of six weeks between laser sessions, and eight weeks for darker skin tones, to give the skin adequate time to heal between treatments and the body’s immune system the chance to flush out ink. Because the body doesn’t have enough time to erase the ink that was broken during the most recent session, stacking the treatments too close together can harm the skin and have long-term negative effects. Waiting for three months between treatments is advised for the best outcomes of this procedure.

Side effects or Risks of laser Tattoo removal

Complete tattoo removal can be challenging at times, especially for persons with dark skin or who want to remove a tattoo with colour. Following laser therapy, some patients may notice changes in the texture or colour of their skin.

The great majority of people who undergo laser tattoo removal require a series of laser treatments to thoroughly remove the tattoo. This raises the risk of problems connected with laser light exposure. Furthermore, the succession of treatments might be highly expensive.

Some common side effects are scarring, burns, and skin texture changes.

The noninvasive Picosure laser does not cause any scarring because this technology has an extremely short pulse duration. That means the energy pulses generated by the laser are in the skin for an incredibly minute period. As a result, the thermal impact is minuscule.

Benefits of laser tattoo removal Toronto

There are many benefits to laser tattoo removal, that is why laser is the preferred choice of tattoo removal.

• Fast Treatment: The actual procedure to do a laser tattoo removal is 5 to 15 minutes.

• Safe, and Effective: Laser tattoo removal has been around for a long time. It is considered safe and effective, with few complications or side effects.

• Works on all Sizes of Tattoos: Whether you have a small finger tattoo or a whole sleeve on the arm or back, laser can do any size tattoo. On average though, each session shouldn’t be more than 6”x6” for your immune system to handle the healing process.

• Minimal Recovery Time: Infection is minimal in laser tattoo removal. The healing process usually takes about 2 weeks; however, each session is spaced 6 weeks apart to allow the skin to heal completely.

• Hi Patient Satisfaction Rate: Most clients who come to do laser tattoo removal are happy with the results. About 11% of people with tattoos will experience tattoo regret, and out of those around 70% are women.

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laser tattoo removal Toronto

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