One Hour Laser Teeth Whitening Can Create a Bright Smile

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One Hour Laser Teeth Whitening Can Create a Bright Smile

Sparkly teeth and a vibrant bright smile are a quick way to spread positivity to everyone you meet. It also can be the foundation for a confident approach to life that makes being social near effortless. The basis of all this is your teeth being white and spotless. Discolored and yellowing teeth can dampen this whole effect. Fortunately, here in the Toronto GT A we offer a quick, affordable, safe, and effective way to find a solution to this common problem – Advanced White In-Clinic Teeth Whitening.

All of your teeth whitening issues can be resolved quickly, and in an affordable way. There are a few different teeth whitening options in Toronto with varying levels of effectiveness. Let us take a look.

How Do I Get a Bright Smile Again?

There are many techniques available here in Toronto that say they will deliver a bright smile and white teeth. It is no secret that for the fastest, brightest and whitest smile, professional laser teeth whitening is a clear winner. But let us review your other options as well.

Teeth Bleaching for a Bright Smile:

Teeth bleaching is one of the paths to extremely white teeth. Sometimes to the point where people wonder if bleached teeth are even real. Bleaching agents can vary, with hydrogen peroxide being the most common choice. Hydrogen Peroxide is the most popular bleaching agent to whiten teeth with Cadmium Peroxide used mainly for home kits.

Home Teeth Whitening Gels and Trays

Take home trays using Cadmium Peroxide is something some explore for teeth whitening here in Toronto, but this option has some drawbacks. The major one is the amount of time it takes to get some results, which is usually a few days to a week. Applying the gel to your teeth for a few hours a day, which is what is required, can be bothersome and time consuming.

DIY Teeth Whitening Strips

These can be bought at any Toronto drugstore. They are cheap and are easy to use. Of all the options this is the least effective. They are only worth trying for teeth that are mildly stained.

Teeth Whitening Toronto Clinic

The most effective technique is laser teeth whitening using a combination of bleaching agent Hydrogen Peroxide plus a special LED blue light. The combination of LED Blue Light with a special gel that contains a maximum level of Hydrogen Peroxide is the best method to whiten teeth. This teeth whitening method takes only one hour, painless, and the most effective technique on the Toronto market today.  At Advanced White Teeth Whitening Toronto, this is the preferred method to whiten your teeth.

What is the Laser Teeth Whitening Cost?

First, you get what you pay for. The strips are the least expensive, and the least effective, whereas Laser Teeth Whitening cost the most, but sessions are done quickly, and results are effective and fast.  Pick the right clinic to get the best prices. At Advanced White Teeth Whitening, our current special is $159 for a full one-hour 4 session treatment that gets your teeth on average 4-8 shades whiter.

Here’s Our Conclusion for a Bright Smile

Your bright smile is so important it touches on most of the vital aspects of your day to day life. White and clean teeth is a goal that can be met quickly for those who work with the professionals at our clinic using Laser Teeth Whitening.

Please visit to book your one-hour treatment today.  Available clinics in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, and Markham.

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