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Having a baby is to cross one of the biggest and most important milestones in a woman’s life. Recovering from pregnancy often involves wanting to loss extra weight gained, perhaps rebuilding overall fitness all while settling in as a new mom. To the surprise of some woman another concern often appears – sudden hair loss. Let us examine some effective ways hair loss after pregnancy can be addressed, stress-free.

What is the Science Behind Postpartum Hair Loss?

It is all about the hormones. Being pregnant boosts estrogen levels, which quickly leads to healthier and better-looking hair. Most people lose on average about 100 hairs per day. But during pregnancy, the normal hair shedding is slowed or even stopped during pregnancy. Sadly, this does not last forever. After childbirth, estrogen drops dramatically which is prone to trigger hair loss. The hairs that should have fallen out during the nine months you were pregnant are now falling out all at once.  Breast feeding, without a close eye on diet and taking the right vitamins, can add a vitamin deficiency to the mix. This can speed up hair loss even further. Yes, this can be counted on stopping as estrogen levels return to normal, which is great. But it still equals a period to dealing with hair loss.

Some Things That Can Help Postpartum Hair Stay More Healthy

Steer Clear of Many Traditional Hair Styles

The ponytail or braids may seem like a cute traditional hairstyle for moms, but science as taught us this is not a good idea for women who want to keep hair healthy. These styles tie hair tight, and back, which can add a lot of extra stress to your hair. We recommend going for more free and loose styles. Your hair will thank you.

Use Hair Accessories

Being a new mom will take up much of your energy. So, we understand why you would not want to get into an elaborate hairdo except for special occasions. It is time to accessorize. A scarf, headband, or bandana all can be dressed down or up and add a lot to how well you look. And all these choices are usually quite inexpensive. This choice will likely save you some hair problems while also freeing up some extra time.

Have Your Hair Cut Correctly

A short style like a pixie cut or a bob can go a long way until your hormones get back to normal. Shorter hair looks fuller and has a bounce that will distract from any hair you have lost or may be losing. It also gives less for your baby to pull on.

Consider Changing Up Hair Products

Does your hair look and feel differently after having your baby? Why not try out some new products to see if they are a better fit for you newly transformed hair. This can quickly have your hair behaving better for you as you meet your hair’s new needs.

Serious Hair Loss Solutions

You have just read a whole bunch of options that can help with postpartum hair loss. Sometimes they will not be enough, and you will need to go with a more effective approach. The two choices that are best reviewed to get your hair back to its former glory are Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP for hair loss treatment) and Advanced Adipose-derived cell Protein Extracts (AAPE) hair care serum. PRP involves having to have blood drawn followed by scalp injections.

Since this is quite invasive, our Toronto Hair Loss Clinics strongly recommends AAPE. AAPE is an effective hair regeneration treatment while being safe and not requiring injections like PRP. More than 500,000 satisfied clients have endorsed AAPE worldwide with the number growing all of the time. For more information about AAPE please visit:



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