Scalp Micropigmenation vs Scalp Tricopigmentation

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Scalp Micropigmenation vs Scalp Tricopigmentation, Which is Better?

For people looking for a way to give the appearance of having a full head of hair again, two fast, safe, and effective options are rising in popularity. SMP Scalp Micropigmentation and Scalp Tricopigmentation. These treatments both simulate the look of real hair through injecting special microscopic ink into the top layer of skin areas that are balding.

SMP Scalp Micropigmentation: What is It?

SMP® Scalp Micropigmentation was developed in the UK by Ian Watson in 2002. Watson is the founder of HIS Hair Clinic considered the world’s SMP Scalp Micropigmenation leader. Our Toronto HIS Hair Clinic is a proud part of this family of professionals.  The techniques used by HIS Hair Clinic globally are innovative and carefully developed after unmatched experience.

The SMP® hair loss treatment is equally effective for men and women.  The solution is appropriate for a wide range of hair loss issues, including covering bald spots that remain after hair transplant surgeries. SMP® Scalp Micropigmentation is safe, effective, long lasting, and the procedure is quite quick.

How About Scalp Tricopigmentation?

Tricopigmentation is a temporary version of SMP. The method of the treatment is close to SMP with the main difference being the ink used. While SMP Scalp micropigmentation does not fade much Tricopigmentation will fade after several months, with most people having it reapplied once a year or once every two years. 

Is There Reasons for a Temporary SMP Treatment?

Scalp Tricopigmentation is often called a “try it” option by the clinics offering it. This is accurate with its own ink lasting 12-24 months, while SMP Scalp micropigmentation can last over ten years without a touchup. This is clearly a significant difference.

Is Scalp Tricopigmentation Recommended?

It all depends on your free time and budget. Do you mind redoing the treatment every one or two years, repaying for the treatments each time? At our SMP clinic we are happy to offer both types of inks, so we can meet our customer’s needs, whichever they choose.  We also make interested people aware that while the SMP® procedure it can also be removed in a special procedure whenever they choose. Fueled with that knowledge not many go with Scalp Trichopigmentation, at our office.

Comparing prices Scalp Tricopigmentation is usually less expensive than SMP. But do not forget that Scalp Tricopigmentation will require future treatments to maintain, which when factored in makes it more costly.

Many are critical of Scalp Tricopigmentation’s ink as well. While SMP ink can be removed using laser treatments, these do not work well with Scalp Tricopigmentation. Only time will fade and remove this lesser quality ink.

Most people are excited to learn that SMP is a permanent trouble-free answer to hair loss. Having to get a touch up in ten years, is perfectly acceptable and affordable.

All-in-all we believe there is no real disadvantages of SMP Scalp Micropigmentation and you do not need Scalp Tricopigmentation.

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