Scalp Micropigmentation vs Hair Transplant

scalp micropigmentation vs hair transplant Toronto

Scalp Micropigmentation vs Hair Transplant

What do you do when you are losing hair and the treatments you had been relying on like Minoxidil or Propecia just are not working anymore? Well the two most popular solutions that remain for you are SMP or scalp micropigmentation vs hair transplant. Which is more effective? Which is quicker and safer? We will answer these and many other questions below.

Here are some things to consider if you are making the decision of which route to take:

  • How much money can you comfortably spend
  • Your hair style
  • The amount of hair you have available to donate to a transplant procedure
  • What are your options to hide your scar should you decide on a transplant?

Hair transplantation moves your active hair follicles from the back of your scalp to where it is needed. Once transplanted, since this was healthy hair follicles being moved, you can count on the hair remaining healthy and not falling out in the future.

Advantages of Having a Hair Transplant

It is permanent and if done by a competent professional it should look quite natural.

Disadvantages of Having a Hair Transplant

It is very expensive. Expect to pay between $10,000-$15,000 based on the type of hair transplant and how many sessions you will need. Do not forget you want to be sure you are going to a professional.

Invasive: It is a surgery. And with any surgery there is always the chance of problems arising, plus downtime.

Scarring: You can expect a scar on the back of your scalp. How pronounced it depends on the person and how long they keep their hair afterwards. Shorter hair styles will make the scar easier to notice.

Time Off: You will need time to recover after your surgery. This could be a day or two until you feel somewhat back to normal. It will take about half a year for the hair to grow in in after the surgery.

Multiple Sessions required: One session is usually not enough to cover the entire scalp; two or three sessions are most likely. This will be reflected in the price you are charged.

Lack of Donor Hair. This is the biggest potential disadvantage. Lack of enough donor hair will leave you with poor results. Many even feel this look is worse than what they started off with.

If a hair transplant is not for you, that leaves SMP scalp micropigmentation only alternative option.

Here in Toronto SMP is extremely popular for good reasons.

So, what is SMP Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP is the method of applying individual dots of a special ink into the scalp to give the appearance of hair follicles. When done by an experienced and well-trained technician it is quite difficult to notice as being different than real hair.

The Advantages of SMP

Price Right in Comparison to a Hair Transplant. SMP costs in the range of $3000-$4000. This is a huge savings over the cost of a hair transplant.

Non-Surgical. No surgery is required. The process itself uses a needle which is much smaller and less painful that even a normal tattoo needle.  Most do not find it uncomfortable at all.

A Great Way to Hide Transplant Scars. SMP can actually enhance a hair transplant by being done after to cover up its scars.

No Down Time: After a SMP session expect to be able to work or do anything else you need to.  There is no downtime.

Most SMP clients report that they are extremely pleased with their results.

Disadvantages of SMP

To make SMP work you will have limited hairstyle choices. SMP requires you to wear your hair in a semi-shaven buzz cut look. If that does not suit you, then a different hair loss solution should be considered.

Plan on two or three sessions. In order to look its best SMP needs two or three sessions. Do not trust a provider who says they can complete SMP in one session. They are being irresponsible.

So, which is better? That is for you to choose.

Scalp Micropigmentation vs Hair Transplant

If you are not a good candidate for hair transplant, such as not enough donor hair, then SMP may be the better alternative.  If you do decide on SMP contact us and we will set up a free consultation. We are Canada’s leaders in the technique. Please visit


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