Social or Passive Smoking Presents Real Dangers in the Toronto GTA

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Social or Passive Smoking Presents Real Dangers in the Toronto GTA

Situation 1: Most of your friends smoke a great deal but you restrict yourself to only a cigarette or two in social situations. Even though you are living healthier in comparison when you hear they are trying to quit it gets you thinking. Why take the chance of avoidable health concerns? It is time for you stop your passive smoking and quit too.

Situation 2: Your spouse is always smoking, and the home is constantly filled with smoke. This has become a problem not just effecting their health but yours and other family members health too. It is time to encourage them to quit for everyone’s benefit.

So, the bottom line is smoking just a little does not mean you are out of risk. And constant secondhand smoke is a health risk also. Studies prove most non-smokers outlive smokers and have a higher quality of life. The responsible thing to do is quit and to also encourage your loved ones to stop smoking.

Lung strength, metabolism, blood flow, and many more key body functions can pay the price when smoking or breathing in secondhand smoke. This can all lead to disease or even death.

Passive Smoking a Little Often Leads to Smoking a Lot

The studies do not lie. Most nicotine addicts start off as casual smokers. This builds up until they are smoking more and more every day. Stopping smoking all together is a smart choice that avoids many potential future problems. Dependence is no fun.

The good news is there is professional help here in the Toronto GTA. Many people are praising how effective the Laser Quit Smoking Treatments are at Anne Penman Laser Therapy. And they are affordable too.

Professional Guidance Makes Quitting Easier

The first thing is realizing and accepting you have a problem. Once you do get help is the obvious next step for most of us. There is no need to take the hard road of quitting alone.

Cold laser therapy is one of the latest, safe, and powerful breakthroughs to help learn how to stop smoking. It makes managing the withdrawal symptoms much easier for most people. It does this by activating special acupuncture points in a non-invasive treatment shown to release endorphins which helps with the quitting process. Combining this laser therapy with one-on-one counseling is the best method for helping people quit smoking.

Quitting smoking and staying smoke free can be a big challenge and it requires a combination of willpower, commitment, and responsibility while maintaining a positive attitude. But with the right motivation and tools such as laser therapy, you can achieve this goal and even set an example for other smokers in your life. Once they see you are smoke free, they may make this life enhancing choice too.


We encourage you to contact our office at Anne Penman Laser Therapy and learn about our 3-part quit smoking program to cease smoking. Laser therapy is a big part of it but there’s other complimentary elements too. It is designed for you to quit and stay nicotine free for the long run. Many of the people who have worked with us have never smoked again. And even though who stumbled a bit got right back to work and are now non-smokers.


The time is right to take back control of your life and health. We look forward to hearing from you!  Please visit to book your one-hour treatment today.

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