Toronto’s 5 Best Tips to Quitting Smoking

quitting smoking with laser Toronto

quitting smoking with Laser therapy TorontoToronto’s 5 Best Tips to Quitting Smoking

Thinking about stopping smoking and actually stopping smoking are very far apart. In fact, it’s not uncommon for many people to get too wrapped up with trying to complicate what to do to go nicotine free that they never even take the action to stop. They even end up smoking more as the situation stresses them out. 

We can help. Here in Toronto our Anne Penman Laser Therapy clinic has led the way in helping people stop smoking for good and along the way we’ve picked up tips that can help accomplish this goal when they are applied. Here’s our Top Five Best Tips to Quit Smoking in the Toronto GTA.

Quitting Smoking – Removal Emotional Connection to Smoking

First, make sure you do all you can to remove an emotional connection to smoking. When you associate smoking with happiness, curing stress, or relaxing it makes smoking much more than what it needs to be. It’s much better to drill into your mind the reality: smoking is just an expression of your addiction to nicotine. Nothing more and nothing less.

Quitting Smoking N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever

Second, don’t think it’s okay to have even one cigarette. You aren’t cutting back, which is a recipe for bad health and failure. You are reclaiming your freedom and life. Which means no smoking at all. Period. As the saying goes “you’re one puff away from a pack a day”.

Smoking is Not Pleasurable

Third, don’t think of smoking as something pleasurable any longer. Considering smoking a pleasure is self-deception. Don’t do it. There’s nothing pleasurable about getting cancer, looking older than you should, and not having enough wind to play sports or otherwise be active. 

Many Benefits to being Smoke Free

Fourth, DO associate a positive life with being smoke free. Good health, fun times with friends and family, more money in your bank account all come along with your vibrant new lifestyle. Track how you are feeling better every day and refer to it often. It can be an inspiration towards keeping yourself on the right path.

Maintain a Positive Attitude in Quitting Smoking

Final Tip: Stay happy, keep smiling, and be as cheerful as much as possible. This attitude makes overcoming challenges like not picking up cigarettes again easier in every way. Even when things feel tough, find the humor in it, and power on.

Remember, it’s never too late to stop smoking. While it’s great if you were able to kick the habit early on, if you haven’t done it, now’s the time. You can still enjoy most of the benefits and you can put yourself on a healthier path. You will also likely help others quit if they hear your story. Which is pretty cool too.

Yes, staying off cigarettes is often not easy. Many important things in life are hard. Help is out there, here in Toronto. Anne Penman Laser Therapy clinic is always accepting new patients to share our methods and guidance with. 

One of the top techniques used here in Toronto to help smokers quit us laser therapy. This can minimize withdrawal symptoms in a big way. Cold laser therapy activates acupuncture points on the face, hands, and other key points using a safe and non-invasive method. Endorphins are then released which help fight boredom, stress, and cravings for nicotine.  When it’s your time to quit smoking combine out tips with laser therapy and be ready for big results. We look forward to setting up your consultation. 

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