Truth or Fiction About Smoking and How to Quit Smoke

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Truth or Fiction About Smoking and How to Quit Smoke

Quitting smoking can be one of life’s greatest challenges. Especially when people have a great deal of misinformation in their heads about the subject. Clearing these up can be the first step towards going cigarette and nicotine free. Our Anne Penman Laser Therapy Toronto clinic specializes in helping people on how to quit smoke using laser therapy. Let us look at the truth and fiction about smoking and why people continue to smoke and see what we can learn. We would love to help you stop smoking for good.

How to Quit Smoke – Truth or Fiction: “Quit smoke causes me to gain weight.” There is some truth that for some people smoking can cut down appetite.  But stopping certainly does not mean you HAVE to eat more. The easy solution is as you regain health by now being smoke-free, is also eating healthier to further enjoy life. Exercising is a good idea too. Problem solved.

Truth or Fiction: “Smoking cigarettes only effects my lungs.” No, that is definitely fiction. While your lungs are damaged from smoking, sometimes critically so, this does not mean it’s not also hurting the rest of your body. It is. Key areas smoking also endangers include the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, endocrine, and nervous systems. Most in dramatic ways. This helps illustrate why quitting smoking is so vital towards living a healthy life.

How to Quit Smoke – Truth or Fiction: “Second-hand smoke is harmless.” Data shows secondhand smoke can raise a person’s chance of cardiovascular issues by over 30%. Including children, whose lungs are less developed making them more vulnerable. Do not be the one risking giving your family and friends lung cancer.

Truth or Fiction: “Vaping is safer than smoking.” Recent research has shown that the chemicals in vape liquids cause their own set of serious issues. The nicotine addiction is exactly the same – and sometimes even worse. Do not let people repackage something bad and try to sell it to you as harmless. It is just not the case.

How to Quit Smoke – Truth or Fiction: “Social smoking is an acceptable lifestyle choice.” This is fiction that not only will stop you from quitting but is also something that will likely just be a pause before smoking heavily again. Put the health risks behind for good and get healthy. All smoking is bad.

Truth or Fiction: “ Quit smoke programs are all scams. None of them work.” The truth is if you really want to quit, which is essential, programs like our cold laser therapy to stop smoking have been shown to be very effective for over 25 years. We see them work every day. Having a support structure and the right tools to use to quit smoking can be a game changer.

With these truths firmly in mind you are well prepared to go all in in your efforts to stop smoking. Our clinic is ready and waiting to help you cope up with the withdrawal effects of tobacco and nicotine and to give you the support you need to accomplish your goal of staying smoke-free.

How To Quit Smoke Conclusion

It won’t be easy, and your willpower and commitment will be tested in the process. If you are ready to quit smoking and are serious to make the lifestyle changes to be successful, our 3-Part Laser Therapy Program is something you should really consider.

Anne Penman Toronto Laser For Quit Smoking provides premium laser therapy for stopping smoking by activating acupuncture points on the face, hands, and ears with a non-invasive and pain-free laser beam. The laser helps boost endorphin levels which enhance your ability to kick nicotine and its withdrawal symptoms. This is the same chemical that is released when you used to smoke, but now the calm and relaxed feeling is being accessed in a healthy way. We are really looking forward to helping you quit smoking for good.

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