What Should You Expect When You Stop Smoking Ontario

stop smoking Ontario

What Should You Expect When You Stop Smoking Ontario

While most smokers want to quit, and many do for short periods, it often does not last. The truth is nicotine is very addictive and withdrawals can be troubling at best. Combine that with the social triggers that a smoker faces and it’s easy to understand how staying smoke-free can be such a challenge.

Here’s the thing. If you understand what to expect from smoking withdrawal, in detail, you can better prepare for it. This preparation and anticipation can help carry you through tougher times. And you are much more likely to maintain being nicotine free. Our breakdown of what to expect when you stop smoking in Toronto follows.

Stop Smoking Ontario Day 1:

Did you know physiological changes start to happen just 20 minutes after your last smoke? They do. So, Day 1 is really important.

After 12 hours of not smoking, your carbon monoxide levels will be back to normal. That is more oxygen in the blood, and a heart that beats more happily.  These benefits continue to build.

When you hit the 24-hour milestone, pat yourself on the back. Many people do not make it this far before relapsing. You are headed in the right direction!

Day 2:

On the second day you can expect your mouth to be producing more saliva. Smoking interferes with this important process. Your sense of taste and smell will often start to revive in 48 hours as well. Expect some aches and coughs as your body detoxes and expels mucus.

Temptations will likely be on the rise too. This means staying vigilant and remembering why not smoking is so important for your present and future. One weak moment and your progress will be lost.

If negative emotions should arise, remember it’s your body responding to the lack of nicotine. Good advice is to stay active and busy. You are doing great so keep it up.

Stop Smoking Ontario Week 2 to Week 12:

Welcome to a great leap forward. Now you will be stacking up all kinds of health benefits as your now clean body continues to grow into its own. You may be putting on some weight, so keeping an eye on eating right or exercising more can be a big benefit.

Be warned that this is the time period where surprise urges to smoke often pop up out of nowhere. Do not follow through with them.

Month 3 and Beyond:

Every day you stay smoke free increases your chances of never smoking again for the rest of your life. Random thoughts of smoking should be pretty much a thing of the past. Even the sight of others smoking may not trigger you anymore. Congratulations!

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stop smoking Ontario

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