Womens hair loss and hair loss treatments Toronto


We all know about how much hair loss effects men, with fairly detailed information, tips, and suggestions being widely available on the internet. The truth is hair loss effects the health and lifestyle of a large number of women also. Our Hair Loss Clinic in Toronto and Richmond Hill understand womens hair loss well, providing hair loss treatments for both men and women.

The first thing to understand with women is that there are two types of hair loss, normal and abnormal. Every average, healthy woman loses approximately one hundreds strands of hair a day and it is usually not noticeable. New hair is also growing at a similar rate.

When hair shedding outpaces hair regrowth, over time, thinning hair become noticeable.  The hair’s natural growth cycle is divided into three stages – growth (Anagen Phase), intermediate (Catagen Phase), and final (Telogen Phase). The initial Anagen stage ranges from two years to six years and 90% of hair is in this phase. The Catagen phase goes on for just two weeks during and it sees 3% percent of hair pausing in standstill growth. In the final Telogen phase of the cycle, the follicles the last seven percent of hair rests and hair formation is finished.

Understanding these three cycles and comparing them to womens hair loss gives us an opportunity to see if we should pursue treatment, or if it is just something natural.  Hair loss and hair thinning occurs when the percentage of Anagen hairs on your scalp drop and the percentage of Catagen and Telogen hairs increase.

What Should Your Average Hair Loss Be?

Your ethnic and genetic make-up have a big effect on your average daily hair loss. The color of your hair also can have an effect on this, with blond hair having an average higher natural loss than darker hair. Once you have an idea of what your normal hair loss shedding is each day, you’ll be able to more accurately access if you are starting to lose your hair in greater numbers.

Weather Damage and Womens Hair Loss

If you pay attention you will find you likely lose more hair in the winter than in the summer. It is only natural and no reason to worry.

Look Out for Unhealthy Looking Hair

For women, their hair’s condition will influence the rate of hair loss in a substantial way. It is a good idea for women to take a look at their hair on a regular basis and get a feel for how healthy it is. Is it becoming more brittle, dry, and thinner? Vitamins can be a big help if issues exist that may be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Consider Your Hair Length

The longer your hair is, the more will generally fall out on its own. With hair being longer when some is lost it often gives the illusion of being more severe since the longer hair takes up more volume. So count the number of hairs you lose, not the amount of hair volume you lose.

Moving Forward with Hair Loss Treatment Solutions

Thankfully, there are effective hair loss treatments available today for womens hair loss that can help stop and regenerate hair growth. The two most talked about is PRP treatment where some of your own blood is injected into your scalp after it being ran through a centrifuge. For the many who do not want painful scalp injections, our Toronto Hair Loss Clinic is very pleased to offer Advanced Adipose-derived cell Protein Extracts (AAPE) Stem Cell Therapy. It is effective, safe, pain free, and non-invasive. Contact us today to learn more or to book a FREE online consultation at  https://hairlossclinic.ca/hairloss-assessment/

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