Is SMP Scalp Micropigmentation For Me?

Is SMP® Scalp Micropigmentation For Me?

The interest here in Toronto for SMP Scalp Micropigmentation is higher than ever. To put it simply SMP scalp micropigmentation is a special professional technique whereby dots of a unique ink is tattooed into the scalp aimed at looking like real hair follicles. When done by a professional it is highly successful in accomplishing this goal.

SMP® is often called a hair tattoo, but it is quite different than a regular tattoo, in important ways.  SMP® does not go as deep under the skin as traditional tattoos do, and it uses its own specialized ink which retains its color unlike traditional tattoo inks. The technician doing SMP® also uses techniques developed especially for this purpose, which are foreign to a traditional tattoo artist.

What is SMP® Used For?

  • Male & Female Pattern Baldness
  • Receding Hairline
  • Scars From Hair Transplants
  • Alopecia

HIS Hair Clinic is the first company to provide SMP treatment and to train SMP® technicians in the world. There are now clinics across the world, including our own here in Toronto, All HIS Hair Clinic staff no matter what their location are professionally trained to the same high standards and then must be officially tested and certified before they are permitted to perform this highly advanced service. HIS Hair Clinic also stresses staff professionalism and discretion at all times.

SMP® clinics are not tattoo shops or beauty salons.  These are exclusively dedicated hair clinics staffed by professional experts. This service is unique, safe, affordable, and the results are instant.

The Benefits of SMP®

3D Results

His Hair Clinic’s SMP® technique has grown over the years to be able to deliver a true 3D effect in just three sessions.

Convenient & Non-Invasive

You will not miss work or need to recover after your session. When you leave you are able to carry on as normal. The second and third sessions can be spaced out over a week or two. We make every effort to keep things as convenient as possible.

Permanent Solution

Unless you choose to have it removed SMP® is a permanent solution for your hair loss. You may need a small touch up session in 8-15 years. But for all intents and purposes that is it.


Our three session SMP® treatment is considerably less than any of the other professional options on the market today, such as hair transplant.

A Real Confidence Boost

Few things boost confidence like solving hair loss issues. You will look and feel like a new person, in all likelihood.

Are you ready to leave the appearance of hair loss behind? Contact us and let us discuss if SMP® will work for you.  Please visit to get started.

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