Which Foods to Skip to Avoid Stained Teeth

Which Foods to Skip to Avoid Stained Teeth

Which Foods to Skip to Avoid Stained Teeth – ADVANCEDWHITE.CA

It is definitely one of the more common questions we get. It is also one of those curious things can be answered in two ways: one that’s about a sentence long and a more detailed explanation for those who want to dig deeper. Here is the short version. Unfortunately, most food can stain teeth. Especially darker colored foods. Now before you worry too much about having to adopt the most boring diet imaginable read on for our longer answer that gives tips that are much more lifestyle friendly.

Stained Teeth? What’s That?

Simple. Staining is any lasting discoloration of your teeth. Coffee and red wine may be two of the most common culprits but that is hardly the whole story. Discolored teeth go much further than that.

Your teeth are pretty complex but what you see are two things, enamel and dentin. Enamel is a semi-translucent tissue that naturally looks between blue and off-white. Dentin, which is beneath enamel, is yellow.

Now obviously, when you experience changes to enamel or dentin you can end up with the color of your teeth changing in unpleasant ways. Since enamel can be partially seen through, dentin will have a big influence on the overall appearance of your teeth. is heavily affected by dentin. To add to concerns dentin being yellowish means that when enamel wears away, your teeth coloration is going to suffer.

Fluorosis is quite common and another way how “tooth stains” can occur even if dark foods are avoided. It is a response to consuming too much fluoride and shifts the structure of enamel often creating spots and stains.

Avoid Acids When You Can

Acids can come from bacteria or from acidic foods. Either way it can dramatically weaken enamel. whether they are caused by bacteria or they’re found in the food you eat, weaken enamel. And remember when enamel is weakened more dentin is seen and dentin tends to be yellowish.

We suggest skipping very acidic foods when you can. Some big examples are fruit juices, wine, and beer. No, tea and coffee are not ultra-acidic, but that doesn’t mean they are harmless to drink. If your enamel is a concern avoid lemon juice and vinegar too.

The most important thing when it comes to countering acidic foods and drinks is to brush your teeth around 30 minutes after you drink or eat. Any sooner can be counter-productive, but when you brush without fail on schedule many of these issues can be avoided.

Tannins can Tan Your Teeth

You may not be familiar with them, but Tannins are everywhere – they are a big part of how plants defend themselves from bugs and other dangers. Wine, tea, and other common drinks are all high in Tannin. Tannins are doubly bad for your teeth: they are both darkly pigmented and acidic. Enamel’s poor design lets tannin creep in. Plant-based foods are rich in tannins, as is chocolate, and even chickpeas. If you want to avoid them you better pay attention!

Sugar Is not Just Sweet

Bacteria stalks sugar one of its favorite foods. And bacteria releases acids. To many sweets turns into lots of bacteria, way too much acid, and darker teeth without fail.

Color Stains

Not a great deal of science needed for this explanation. Enamel is porous and color stains. It could be soy sauce of a chocolate protein shake, and the impact is potentially the same causing staining.

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You probably have figured out, even with the best practices stained teeth is likely to be an issue sooner or later. The answer to the problem is turning to trusted experts to help. Our Advanced White teeth whitening clinics are a good start on the path to getting your teeth white again.

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